A project taking care about street kids in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia

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A simple idea

Travelling is great to widen your personal horizon. Fund raising is great to help people. - Why not combining the both?
Pauline and Johannes kicked off a fund raising campaign to gather money for a remarkable aid project in Mongolia - their destination of a 5 week voyage.
With your help is building a cottage outside of Ulaanbaatar to get street kids out of the city.

A simple way to help

Pauline and Johannes have been running in Mongolia - as often and as long as they managed to.
And they ask you to donate for every kilometer they have run.
Each single Cent reaching them will be put directly into building the cottage. All the administration of that campaign is organised and paid by Pauline and Johannes.

What people say

"Joe & Pauline run for charity. And you can help - from your sofa!" Heidi

"As we know both of them personally, we do know that the money will arrive there for sure! Will you join in, too?" Silke and Dirk

"Super idea, will join in with pleasure! [...] Thanks a lot to the two of you!" Lisa

"What a cool project for a trip in Mongolia..." Shu Mien

"Hope you will make lots of miles!" Kenny

Children in orphanage in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia.
Street kid climbing donw into heat supply shaft.
Street Kid in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia

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Helping efficiently and exactly where help is needed is the aim of Mongolia Help e.V. - the institution behind That means they not only take care that money collected is laid right in the hands of those who are in need of. But also that capacity building is the core of Mongolia Help's philosophy.
Frank Riedinger, founder of Mongolia Help e.V. supports the idea of getting street kids out of their tough environment for at least some time. In the protection of the cottage that is being build outside of Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia's capital - these children will have the possibility to get in contact with the ancient culture of their homeland and the life of the nomads.

See the website of Mongolia Help e.V. to learn more about their help: (german)

Join in and help!


You are already back from your tour to Mongolia - can I still participate and help?

Of course you can! - Our time in Mongolia for our run-to-help campaign was limited - your possibility to help is not. Just subscribe anytime using our donation form and you will receive all information of where to transfer how much.

The donation form (das Spendenformular) doesn't work properly. - How can I subscribe anyway?

We've been reported issues with the donation form that might be caused by your browser. If so, try another browser or simply the non-embedded version of our form.

I'm still not able to use that donation form. What can I do instead?

No worries - just send us an email to and let us know your full name, email-address, whose run kilometers you want to donate for (Pauline's OR Johannes' OR both's), in wich currency you want to donate and what amount of money for each kilometer run.

What is the minimum amount I can donate per Kilometer?

The minimum amount of money you can donate is 0,01 of the currency you want to give your support in. It's your choice how much you make it.

I'd really like to donate. But how much will it be in the end that I have to pay

First of all, we will be in Mongolia some 35 days. Let's be optimistic and say we will manage to run on 15 days during that time. Ususlly it's some small 10 km we run. That gives you somehow an idea how much it could be in the end. - And after all - it's a volunteer thing. We surely don't want you to get into trouble for helping others.

How will I know how far you have run?

We will logg all our runs with our smartphone's GPS-system and post our runs as often as possible (which might be hard sometimes in the countryside of Mongolia…). After returning on June 18th 2014 we will post a summary of all runs done and contact you by email to let you know where to transfer your aid to.

What guaranty do I have that my money will fall into the right hands?

There is none, we are afraid - the only thing we can give you is our promisse that we will take care as good and as long as possible where the money is going to.

My question is not listed in these F.A.Q. Can you help me?

Sure we can! Just let us know:

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